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    Here is one feature I really hope to see in this game.

    So my favorite Zelda game of all time is the legend of Zelda spirit tracks, for multiple reasons. But one big reason is that this game made me feel incredible excitement when I found secrets.

    For example, I remember finding one random place off map where when I went into it I met a random castle guard there. I talked to him and he said that he and his friend had come here in search of treasure. Anyway if you enter the cave and explore you will eventually learn what really happened to his friend. The best part of this is that it wasn’t even related to the main story, it was just a random thing you found. There was something similar in phantom hourglass where you could find a secret map that told you a special path to take to get through a chain of islands. You actually find the map by talking to a random shop keeper who explains his father disappeared searching for it. I played them a while ago so I’m probably wrong about the details.

    So my real point is, I love side quests and exploration. Find secret dungeons, ruins, crypts, etc. with heart touching stories surrounding them.

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