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    Welcome to the official website of ‘A Knight’s Quest: Spirit Shield!’

    What is it?
    A Knight’s Quest: Spirit Shield is a humorous action adventure game where a bold yet clumsy teen accidentally releases an ancient evil upon his kingdom. With the power of might, magic, and a bit of elbow grease, he must release his kingdom from the grasps of the evil spirit, and return him back to where he came.

    How does it play?
    Spirit Shield will feature multiple weapons, each with their own combos and abilities to aid in plowing through your enemies and solving puzzles. It has a similar adventure feel to games like the Zelda and Metroid series, however with a stronger emphasis on combat, humor, and puzzles.

    Cool, where can I find out more?
    This website of full of pictures and information about the game!
    Home page – Watch the trailer.
    Media page – View in-game screenshots and artwork.
    Game page – Check out some of the in-game mechanics, with more info on the weapons and gameplay.

    Where can I get my hands on this?
    Hold your horses! The game actually isn’t finished yet! Everything you see here is in its pre-alpha stages. In October we will be releasing a Full Trailer and a Kickstarter campaign to help fund this project. We hope you join us during the Kickstarter and become a part of this journey. <3

    When completed, the game will be released on Steam, with possible console releases down the line.

    What can I do in the meantime?
    While waiting for the Full Trailer and Kickstarter, you can visit our Forums to chat with other people and speak to the Developers about the game or any questions you may have. You can also sign up to have an email sent to you when the Full Trailer and Kickstarter go live (we won’t send any other emails).

    Otherwise hang out, browse the site, chat on the forums, and tell your friends.
    We hope you’ll be excited for this game as we are, and we look forward to revealing more info on the game as we slowly approach the Full Trailer and Kickstarter release in October!

    Edit: The Kickstarter will not be released in October, we’re hard at work on something huge! More details in a few months.



    Yay I’m the first one here

    The game looks great. I hope it does come out for consoles. But why did you abandon Strike Force Heroes 3?



    I hope this game will be “great”!



    They didn’t abandon it lol. Some people just can’t run it perfectly on their slow PC’s, Flash is always slow like that.

    Anyway it’s looking really professional! Glad you guys are finaly moving to a bigger platform!



    I know. I have a really good and fast PC, and I can run it perfectly, I have no lag. But there are still lost of bugs! They fixed some in few updates but there is no update for more than a month now. There are MANY complaints about these bugs in comments and their page, especially because SFH3 is becoming more popular, but seems like they don’t respond anymore.

    Well yeah I knew they wouldn’t make any more Flash games because anything bigger than Raze and SFH 3 would be too much for Flash!



    ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh i’ve been wanting this game for years and its finally here

    This looks amazing!

    I remember when little me first played a knights quest: a quest for milk. I thought it was one of the best games I’d ever played (and it probably was). I’m super glad this is going to be on Steam, I’ll probably be one of the first buyers when it is.

    Plus I sorta dig the new forums.



    Long time no see, Sky9..

    A Knight’s Quest for Milk was a really small but funny game, I totally didn’t expect you guys to base your new game off of that ahaha
    There’s a really small chance for me to afford or even run this game on my weak comp, but I’ll be cheering on the sidelines since this looks really promising



    You should be able to do both! The price will be cheaper than eating at a restaurant. Also, because it’s a full PC game, you’ll be able to turn down your graphics settings so it should run on almost any computer. :)



    Aha, We’re comin’ back. Do you an idea of how much the price range would be, I guess I’d need to buy this for some of our less fortunate Port Frankmen.



    Well that’s reassuring to hear, thanks for the heads up then ^^



    Price should probably be around $10-$15 or so. It will be a full Steam game however. 😀

    Also @Pyrrhus SFH3 will be updated in a few days with toons of fixes. It hasn’t been abandoned, not at all. :)



    So… Are Forums dead? :/


    Looks great guys! 😀

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