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    Now pardon my somewhat ignorant mind and mindset but I can’t help but think of one thing, from going to create free flash games to making a game where a kickstarter is needed. It’s a big step for sure but I have trouble seeing how you’d be getting the money, I doubt people would pay for the development of a game from creators who used to create free flash games. Also is there any news on the full trailer, it seems to have been delayed. Anyhow, I hope the progress is coming along smoothly.

    Yours truly,

    WhyNotDivine or Divine_Powerz



    Release the game so more will pay no one will pay for something that might never come. It’s like giving your money to piramid scam or your girlfriend you know its not coming back. People pay for something that is usable not unusable.


    Thing is, they aren’t going to release it, or with a big delay if they can’t get the kickstarter money. So they can’t release it, like a paradox ­čś«



    Nope. Completely false. Many free flash game designers have been successful in getting Kickstarter funds.

    – the guy who made that chibi knight game
    – the Dino run 2 Kickstarter failed but still almost reached its goal
    – the super Mario crossover guy got funds for retro squad


    Guess we’ll just have to wait untill the kickstarted indeed comes out and se how it’s going to do, shame it’s been delayed.



    they get kickstarter funds because its from an old series like last stand series its from that same series the Last stand dead zone. Everyone will want to pay for that because they know its coming out unlike this this is not raze or or strike force heroes their famous games its a diffrent tittle.



    Good point, I hope this game is successful so we can finally get a multiplayer strike force heroes. Imagine a strike force heroes game with a campaign progression like metal slug and online multiplayer. I can’t find a 2d shooter like that.



    It’s been a while as we’ve been super busy addressing this very issue! To help gain trust, we’ve updated the game to have much more modern graphics, and created a walkthrough video of an entire area.

    This should help show that we’ve already got much of the game working, and that we’re very dedicated.


    Well after seeing this I’m sure you’d have no trouble getting the funds that you need, great job!



    I’ve never been more likely to fund a KS campaign.

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