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    It’s been quite some time since we announced A Knight’s Quest: Spirit Shield, and that’s because we’ve been hard at work on a huge update!

    Since then, we’ve made the move from the Unity engine, to Unreal 4. This meant recreating everything from scratch, but also came with immense graphical and performance improvements.

    The Prototype
    The old Prototype version in Unity allowed us to test out all the gameplay elements, environments, and features. To get an idea of all the game’s features, you can check out the prototype trailer here:

    The Main Game
    Thanks to the prototype, we’ve been able to recreate the game in Unreal in just a few months. It’s still a work in progress, but everything is much more refined. Check out a full gameplay clip of an entire area in the game:

    Now that we’ve completed the graphics overhaul, we’re finally freed up to spend more time on things like the website and Knight’s Quest forums. The Kickstarter is all ready to go, and should be available within a few weeks!

    We’re super excited to finally be showing off the game! We’ve worked incredibly hard to get the new version ready, and hope to get your support on the upcoming Kickstarter release!


    It looks ballin’, but it would’ve been nice to atleast have had an update on what was going on, we were clueless for months and I figured the project was on hold or even worse: scrapped all together. But it sure is great to have you back. Also the game looks amazing but I still have on unanswered question, the music shown withing the trailer, is it part of the ost, or just random music from other creators thrown in?
    Anyhow, much love

    WND <3



    We were working way overtime to get this thing ready and there was nearly no forum activity yet, so we instead put all our time into pushing forward to get it ready ASAP and release the huge update. Now that it’s done we can relax a bit, work more normally, and release much more frequent updates (the whole website was designed with news updates in mind).

    Some of the music in the trailer was custom made for it, some of it is just placeholder for now. The winter theme in the gameplay footage was custom made for that game, and the same musician will be creating the full OST.

    Hope that answers your questions!


    Ah thanks for clearing up those questions, one more tho, granted you guys get the kickstarter money, could you give an estimated time on how long it should take to finish, like…roughly. Also will the amount of money gotten from the KS influence the amount of money we will pay for the game after it’s finished? Oh and one more (It’s been like 3 more questions my God xD), will there be an beta release for some of people or something in that direction?

    Much Love

    WND <3



    We’re hoping for about a year for the game to be fully complete, however we’ll be putting it on Steam early access much sooner than that as soon as we’ve got a decently sized beta build of the game, so yes it’ll be playable way before it’s official release.

    Also, the more kickstarter funding we get the bigger and more detailed the world, quests, and overall experience will be. Though in the end, the price of the game will always remain the same (around the price of usual indie titles). :)


    Well this all sounds very nice, and I’ll be waiting for further news on the game, and what I gather from the price it’d be somewhere around the 10,- to 20,- range. Terraria price and mc price, both indie games to my knowlage.

    Much love <3




    Looks excellent!
    Will there be any demo version for our players?



    First I thought that I wouldn’t have interest in this but I had to check the progress cause I know Sky9’s games and this looks excellent! great to see you moved to Unreal 4 because graphics are attractive now. But:
    1) Will it include voice acting? I hope so
    2) What about sounds when the character hits enemies? The most enjoyable thing about killing stuff is that ‘hit’ or ‘slash’ sound that I don’t hear in the gameplay video. I do understand that this is pre-alpha gameplay so many things can change but this seemed like a big part of the game
    The music is fantastic just like in SFH and Raze, you really nail it every time!

    Also, this really feels like a console game, for some reason, so it’d be good to see it on PS4 and XONE.



    Heya, to answer a few questions:

    We are planning to release some early demo versions for Kickstarter backers (more info when Kickstarter launches.

    There’s going to be lots of dialogue/cutscenes, similar to a Zelda game. We’re a tiny dev team and voicework is very expensive/time consuming, so it’s not planned right now but would be a possibility if the Kickstarter is very successful.

    Sounds are definitely a big part of the game! The gameplay footage is extremely early and incomplete, so almost all the sound effects were missing or temporary placeholders.



    Woah I though you guys cancelled. This looks great! If the kick starter thing doesn’t work out will you consider early access?

    Unreal engine 4 is AWESOME. If this project is successful I can’t wait to see what else you guys do, steam seriously needs a 2d mouse aiming shooter like strike force heroes or raze.



    Glad to see you’re back. I was thinking the “spooky scary skeletons” was a bit of a placeholder lol.

    I’m highly intrigued by the use of the spirit realm for this, there being barriers to cross with and without it. Another thing of particular interest is the wind bridge mechanic, though it seems like there could be numerous ways to get across. Does the wind knock spirit-Rusty off too?

    The Ice Hammer and abilities with it remind me of old Spyro games haha, I’m really into this.

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