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    Hello, welcome to the Knight’s Quest forums!

    Problems + Updates
    The website and forums are new, and so there’s likely to be minor problems/bugs. If you experience anything odd, just make a thread about so we can address it.

    Rules: This is not a general forum
    As we’re a small team, we can not manage a full forum while still making significant progress on the game. Please keep posts somewhat related to the game, anything that veers too off topic will be removed to help keep the forums clean.




    Hey Justin, I’ve been following your blogs/websites since Raze Online and I love your Raze and Strike Force Heroes series. I’m glad to see you and Mike work on a project that’s larger than Flash; it should be pretty exciting!

    The game looks good as far as the teaser trailer goes. Legend of Zelda is definitely one of my favorite childhood games, so Spirit Shield should be a fun game to play. I hope the Kickstarter campaign in October goes well and is successful.

    Not to sound rude, but I know that Raze 3 and SFH 3 are known for their bugs and issues in general. Will there be some sort of beta period for Spirit Shield so that players can help with finding bugs, or will those things be taken care of before launch?

    I for one support your expansion into the Steam/console arena and wish you good luck!



    Yes there will most definitely be ways to play and help shape the game much earlier. More details on that will come closer to the Kickstarter launch.

    Much of the problem with our past games was the fact that we were cramming so much into a Flash game, which is meant for small casual games, and not these big arena shooters we’ve made. Being on a larger platform however (Full PC game), the process is much smoother, easier to test, and the main issues with things like performance shouldn’t be a problem anymore, since we’re no longer limited to what a tiny browser plugin can handle.

    Also if you have any other questions or comments, feel free to make a separate post for em. :)




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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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