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    We are happy to announce the unveiling A Knight’s Quest at Gamescom, as well as having a full playable demo at EGX in the following month!

    Although things have been quiet for a while, we’re finally bringing the game to light, with a redone website with all new screenshots and information. Expect much more content to be slowly revealed over the next coming months though screenshots, trailers, and more!

    A Knights quest is set to launch in 2018 on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and on PC.


    I love you guys. I check your website at least once a month to check for updates, and it’s great seeing that you came back to remind us that you were still alive. I remember back in elementary school when I first saw that sick trailer for Strike force heroes 2. My friend and I talked about it a bunch. Strike force heroes 3 felt rushed, but that’s clearly because this game was being worked on. I won’t go to either of the events you are going to, but I hope that these events will give you some more publicity. (Because clearly you don’t have any) I can go on for a while, but I want you to know that there’s at least one person watching!



    It’s coming out on that many systems on LAUNCH? This game is going to be way bigger then I expected! Seriously congrats guys, I hope you have a ton of success with this.

    If you still read comments, here’s two suggestions:

    Have side quests with more story, I hate it in games when a side quest is just picking 3 coconuts. I love games like Red Dead Redemption or skyward sword where some of the side quests have a cool plot

    Have a super hard to find hidden temple you can only access after you beat the game, and it’s underground. The temple is controlled by the spirit of a legendary hero, at first he’s going to give you his ultimate weapon but when the player doesn’t remember who he is, he gets pissed off and you need to do the hardest temple in the game to get it.

    Also, have a hidden hole in the ground that if found the player falls into a secret room with the developers in a lab. If you talk to the developers then a 3d version of the raze soldier breaks out of a glass tube and kidnaps you both lol.

    These are just some ideas I had anyway.



    MAAAN!!! I can’t believe it! My favourite childhood creators are back! My best hopes to you to for this game and that it shall be a success…
    I spent so many hours on sfh and raze series and they were really good needless to say. Gud to know not everything I like goes like ex flash

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