An ancient evil, a bold yet clumsy hero, a grand adventure, and a quest... with knights.

A Knight's Quest is an action-adventure-RPG inspired by The Legend of Zelda and Metroid with an emphasis on humor, exploration, and combat. Over the course of the adventure you will discover new items and abilities that change the way you interact with the world, upgrade skills and weapons to suit your play-style. A Knight's Quest is all about having a fun, light-hearted adventure and a worthy challenge.

A Knight's Quest: Spirit Shield is in early alpha. All content on this site is early work and not final.
Rusty is a mechanic prodigy with a knack for a. Far from a silent protagonist, Rusty's bold and impulsive personality often gets him into as much trouble as it gets him out of.

He accidentally releases an ancient evil spirit upon the kingdom, and he (reluctantly) must put an end to it.

Although by no means a master, Rusty can hold his own in a fight. However the only thing sharper than his sword is hit wit, and he'll often cut corners or take the easy way out when the odds are stacked against him.
The Spirit Shield is a magic shield, forged long ago to defeat ancient evils.

It allows the wearer's spirit to leave his body at will and enter the spirit world.

There are certain obstacles and enemies that can only be defeated in the spirit world, but one must tread lightly as the body can not live without it's spirit.
These offer a good combat balance and are able to block almost any attack in the game. With these equipped, you can shoot gusts of wind that topple enemies, put out fires, and can be used for many other puzzle elements.
A slow but powerful weapon that can break armor and crush large rocks. It's heavy smash attack delivers a mighty slam that knocks enemies into the air. With this equipped, you can cast a block of ice that will freeze enemies, or create ice paths over water or other dangerous terrain.
Lightning fast blades that can shred unarmored enemies and create a powerful whirlwind that sucks in enemies and damages them. With these equipped, you can throw bouncing fire balls that will ignite enemies and melt certain obstacles.
Once obtained, items such as the GEAR BOOTS or FLAME WINGS will allow you to grind along rails, run on walls, and even glide through the air! Because, parkour!
A Knightís Quest will feature a potion radial menu, this will allow you to have a quick potion at any time, which can be refilled at save points. Stronger potions however, such as combat boosts, invisibility, etc, must be found, purchased, or created.

Many items in the game can be found by slain enemies, inside destructible objects, or even just hidden in the world. These items can be used to create powerful potions, upgrade your equipment, or used in quests.
To reward exploration, skill orbs will be hidden throughout the world. Finding these skill orbs will award skill points that can be used to upgrade various combat traits and abilities allowing you to customize your play style and make Rusty your own.

Explore a world filled with excitement, danger, and intrigue. Whether it be mingling with the townsfolk, or duking it out with a giant lava demon, there are always adventures to be had.

The world will feature many diverse environments, including Fire Caverns, Frozen Ice Palaces, Desert Temples, Mystical Forests, and More! Each area will have itís own unique theme and feel so no two areas feel alike.

There are many unique things to do and see in the world. Will you be rolling around in a ball of ice? Splitting with your soul and controlling two bodies at once? Or moving a time sphere that slows the time of anything it touches? There are many more puzzles to be discovered and overcome, but we canít spoil everything so soon!